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And suddenly, I have too many feels for a song I’ve listened to a million times before now.

Showtime is John’s theme. We know this. The synth backbeat isn’t a theme, exactly, but it has Dave written all over it. We also know this.

At the beginning, the two don’t mesh well. Let’s face it, they don’t mesh at all. The piano isn’t quite sure what to do with itself. It keeps stumbling all over itself, hesitant, uncertain. And the synth beat just keeps going. Just keeps right on jamming. It even starts to overpower the piano, because what does it care? It’s got a damn good beat going, and it’s going to keep it.

And then halfway through, something changes. Something clicks.

The piano falls into step. It’s a little shaky at first. But the synth backbeat pulls back a little bit, just enough to give it some decent support and let it know where the hell it’s going. Because that’s what a backbeat does. The piano slowly gains confidence, until it’s just as strong as ever, and that synth beat just keeps pounding right along beside it.

Remind you of anyone?

fuck me my feels

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